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CTI China Renaissance’ highly-prized independent status affords us the freedom to access global stock exchanges that, to many Western investors, may be restricted to all but big, institutions like banks and pension funds with the financial clout to meet minimum investment thresholds.

We can offer clients access to large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks of innovative companies in Asia and ASEAN while also providing a way to profit from new IPOs as they come to market.

Stocks, shares or equities. Many names, one asset. These represent a piece of a large or mid-sized, publicly-traded company. Stocks entitle the holder or owner to a share of the profits in a company. Some stocks pay a dividend – a twice yearly payment which rewards the owner for holding the stock – and some entitle the owner to vote on important matters like the replacement of a board member or an acquisition of or a merger with another company.

The value of stocks can go up or down on the markets upon which they are traded. At CTI China Renaissance, the majority of clients have equities as the core of their investment portfolios. This is because, over time, they have been shown to provide excellent capital growth properties as well as paying income and offsetting the effects of inflation.

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