Investment Capabilities

Clients come to us with a diverse range of needs and goals. From the highly risk-averse institutional investor like a pension fund or an insurer to the determined private client needing to leverage an above-average appetite for investment risk into accelerated capital accumulation.

For these and all those in between, CTI China Renaissance provides expertise and fit-for-purpose strategies aimed at achieving objectives.

Our extensive global reach means we can access special situations like IPOs and the like that our competitors are often unaware of or simply lack the experience to recommend with any confidence. Here, we expand on our core strategies and the inherent risks they attract.

High Returns

The goal of this strategy is to generate above average return on investment. It focuses on toward short and medium-term position-taking within special situations like IPOs and small/mid-cap stocks.

CTI China Renaissance carefully analyzes the fundamentals of each prospective company and the prospects for the industry they operate in.

Each company is measured against its individual rivals and the performance of its industry as a whole. We consider the performance of its stock against the wider performance of the market they are listed on and, using technical analysis, we identify prudent price points at which we can enter the long term uptrend.

We favor IPOs in technology, life sciences, social media and consider research from respected third parties we know and trust. We have forged strong relationships with key players at broker dealers/underwriters serving markets in Asia, Europe and the United States. We are often offered IPO stock at considerable discounts to valuation with a view to passing the opportunities to our clients – institutional and private.

There is considerable scope for significant financial gain with many of these opportunities but with the prospect for higher return comes the potential for higher losses than many may not feel comfortable exposing their capital and/or assets to.

Income Strategy

This strategy concentrates on the generation of income on accrued capital. Our institutional clients – particularly pension funds and insurers – have customers who rely on good rates of return or interest to safeguard their standard of living. Achieving this in today’s low interest rate environment has become extremely difficult and many have turned to long-standing professionals with a proven track record in selecting the instruments that pay the yields they need. Professionals like CTI China Renaissance.

Sovereign bond yields for those considered the safest borrowers – Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and others – no longer pay sufficient returns or yield for us to consider them for our clients. We prefer debt issued by blue chip corporations with unimpeachable credit ratings and fundamentals. We also consider emerging market sovereign debt, particularly that of a number of countries with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

We also consider municipal bonds issues by local authorities in large urban centers but only after considering specialist research that analyzes their liabilities attached to entitlements including employee retirement benefits, salaries and existing debts.

Bonds offer a significantly lower risk profile than equities but they are not without risk.

Blue Chip Strategy

This strategy exposes your capital to the strong performance and solid balance sheets of large-cap, multi-national corporations like GlaxoSmithKline, Beyer, Siemens, Unilever, Apple and hundreds of others with a view to realizing long-term capital appreciation and the undeniable benefit of receiving dividends.

CTI China Renaissance’ Blue-Chip Strategy makes it possible to realize solid returns without exposing one’s capital to unacceptable investment risk. Of course, the risk of loss remains but the utility of many of the companies in this group means that many hold their stock because they are unlikely to experience huge shifts in price in the same way as mid and small cap stocks do while their dividends rarely decrease.

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