IPO Listing

IPOs or initial public offerings mark the debut of a privately-owned company on a public stock exchange. After this point, the company’s stock will be able to be bought and sold by the public. Companies used IPOs in order to raise capital for development or, often, to cash out seed or angel investors who have helped the company to become established.

An IPO effectively invites investors to buy freshly-issued stock in a company. Prices are set by the underwriter(s) whose job it is to ensure that all the stock is sold. Our presence and reputation within our home markets is such that CTI China Renaissance is often offered IPO stock at a discount to the debut price before they begin trading.

We acquire these stocks on behalf of our institutional clients and either hold them for the medium-to-long term or, alternatively, dispose of them for a profit as appropriate.

We make a concerted effort to bring these IPO opportunities to the attention of our clients and, we are delighted to report, that on no occasion has our faith in new companies been proven to be misguided. Indeed, many of the IPO companies we have chosen to invest in have returned upwards of 200% on initial investment.

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