Message from our CEO

Welcome to CTI China Renaissance.

Today’s global financial markets bear little resemblance to those of a decade ago. Never before has there been such a coordinated effort to control the machinations of global stocks, currencies and hard assets.

Having spent trillions of dollars bailing out banks and entire economies, the central banks have inherited the mantle “masters of the universe” from the previous incumbents, the global banks. Their presence can be felt in every market from foreign exchange to sovereign and corporate bonds; nothing seems to be beyond their sphere of influence.

Here at CTI China Renaissance, while we believe that the next crisis will have its roots in currencies and debt, we still believe that there are many opportunities to exploit and many ways in which to ensure that our clients’ wealth is protected.

What is right or wrong is largely beside the point as an investor. Our remit is only to commit funds to situations and assets that appreciate in the environment that prevails at the time or that will do in the predictable future.

Regardless of what our personal opinions tell us about the wisdom of corporate, government or monetary policy decisions, we must adopt the dispassionate view when it comes to our investments.

2016 has seesawed between assurances of tightening monetary policy from the US Federal Reserve and market participants’ skepticism over the US central bank’s ability to deliver on its promise.

Whatever the outcome, our clients know that we are eminently well-placed to guide their investments through the uncertainties of today’s markets ensuring them a hopefully long and enriching association with us.