Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management is the catch-all for a service which takes care of every aspect of one’s financial wellbeing. It differs from asset management insofar as it deals with more than just one’s assets.

It deals with assets and liabilities, taxation, estate planning, charitable giving and philanthropy and retirement. Choosing an adviser to handle these most important aspects of one’s life should be approached very carefully indeed.

For those requiring steady, healthy income on capital as part of a supplement in retirement, we can access fixed income products that can provide far better yields than those available in the West.

For those needing to get the most tax relief for their charitable giving and philanthropy, we have a number of consummate cross-border tax professionals who can minimize demands from revenue collection services. We can show clients how to best use equity tied up in real estate and even how to acquire more property by changing one’s tax status.

Investment Management

At CTI China Renaissance, we know that our clients’ circumstances are constantly evolving. What seems prudent and advisable this year may be completely inappropriate a couple of years from now. With this in mind, it is essential that investment portfolios are constructed with a significant degree of adaptability and flexibility supplied as standard.

For the client, this means that in the event of significant change in their lives – the arrival of a child, a dramatic change in their employment status or, heaven forbid, a dread illness – their CTI China Renaissance portfolio will be eminently able to adapt to take their new circumstances into consideration.

We eschew assets or holdings that come with heavy redemption penalties or cash-in costs so, if clients need liquidity at relatively short notice, their portfolio will be able to provide it.


Portfolio Design

We celebrate the distinctiveness of each of our clients, something reflected in the bespoke nature of the service we provide. We eschew the cookie-cutter approach in favor of using each client’s distinctiveness to their advantage.

We like to learn as much about our clients as we possibly can because we believe that this is the only way in which we can provide our counsel and the benefit of our experience with any true conviction.

The investment counselor CTI China Renaissance assigns to each client conducts a thorough fact-finding process that seeks to classify personal priorities and goals. The information he or she gleans will form the basis upon which the client’s portfolio is assembled.

CTI China Renaissance assemble bespoke investment portfolios that ensure our clients maximize their returns whilst, simultaneously, preserving their principal investment. We use stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, ETFs and cash.

To some, our independence may seem like a weakness but, in reality, it is our greatest strength. Far from being isolated, because we are not owned or affiliated with a larger company or group of companies, we are free to explore all the products and asset classes and, in doing so, provide a truly impartial service to our highly-valued clients.

We do not hold client assets and, consequently, we have no conflicts of interest. Everything we do is in the interest of our clients

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